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The deregulation of the higher education system, the schools have more room for autonomy in management. And to effect the flexible use of land and assets, the Office of General Affairs set the Property Management Division. Consider the development of asset management is blooming, on Aug 1st, 2020, the Property Management Division was officially divided into Property Management Division and Management Service Division.

Our main missions:

  • The faculty and staff dormitory assignment, lending, and management
  • Short-term Housing Management
  • Site leasing management
  • Property management
  • Asset activation
  • Management of BOT contract performance
  • Space leasing for school unit for association site space management

In order to stabilize the life of our faculty and staff, and allow teachers to concentrate on teaching and research work, NCKU provides dormitories for faculty and staff to apply. The total number of the dormitories are 343, single-room dormitories for 218, multi-room dormitories for 123, 2 for dependent dormitories which leased before April 29th, 1983.

Except the main missions, we will be active in expanding and operating more services, like, life service facilities and through BOT, ROT and OT, we hope we could make the maximum additional value for NCKU.  



Management Service Division (4F, Yun-Ping Administration Building (West), Kuang-Fu Campus)



06-2757575 ext. 50590