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Plastic Reduction Policy


NCKU Plastic Reduction Policy

Purpose: To minimize the consumption of single-use plastic products and promote a sustainable, circular, low-carbon campus.

Basis: Approved in the 214th Administrative Meeting on September 21, 2022

Standard Practice:

(1) Meetings:

   1. Avoid providing bottled water.

   2. Use alternatives to plastic meal boxes.

   3. Refrain from offering disposable chopsticks and plastic spoons.

   4. Do not supply paper cups and plastic stationery.

   5. Encourage the use of eco-friendly cups and tableware. 

(2) Administrative Measures:

   1. Avoid the use of single-use plastic products.

   2. Refrain from using plastic bags and plastic straws.

   3. Minimize the purchase of over-packaged items.

   4. Encourage the utilization of eco-bags and eco-containers.

   5. Promote the purchase of products with eco-labels.

   6. Promote the use of eco-friendly cups for beverage purchases.

   7. Raise awareness among individuals about the importance of reducing plastic consumption.